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going bananas trying to build your business?

Send Zesty World to the rescue.

Bring your weird ideas, napkin notes and messy questions. 

We’ll take care of the rest.  Let’s do this!

let's start something awesome!

Ready to move your business forward?  Get help on every step of your swirly journey.

Idea Untangling • Coaching • Business Planning • Creative Strategizing

Branding • Websites • Swag • Social Media Posts •  User Experiences

Sales • Marketing • Community Building • Content Creation

already online?

We’ll buff and shine your current stuff so it’s even more amazing.  We can makeover your image, automate your workflows and help you identify untapped opportunities.

what do you want to do?

why zesty world?

Hey!  I’m Rachel.  I’m on a mission to help people get paid to do what they love.

I work with do-gooders, dreamers and big thinkers who believe there is more to life than cubicles and spreadsheets.

I started Zesty World to make wild ideas shine.  Let’s build your dream business together!


I offer tons of options.  Not sure what you need?  No worries.  Schedule a free chat and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Need a business buddy?

Building your dream business is complicated.  I’ve got your back when you lose your way.  Talk to a fellow entrepreneur who has been there before.

is your idea squiggly?

Baby ideas are like that.  They never sit still.  We’ll use creative brainstorming techniques to :

stuck on your strategy?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  We’ll chat about all the important aspects of your business. You’ll understand your options, where to start and what you can leave for later.

artistically challenged?

Get help with your creative, colorful stuff.

Want a website that actually works?

Once upon a time, someone went to a website and thought, “Meh.” They weren’t impressed, lost interest and were never seen again.

My designs use strategic words and imagery to create an emotional connection + promote action.

What do you want your visitors to do?

lost in laptop land?

Hire a recovering IT nerd to handle the tricky technical stuff.

Need some extreme storytelling?

It’s tricky standing out in the sea of online stuff.  Add a splash of sales and marketing secrets to make your content shine:

is your brand bland?

No one likes a boring, snoozer experience.  Let’s add personality and pizazz to your online presence. 

People have such short attention spans. An impactful brand will bring customers back – again and again.

time for a checkup?

You could be missing out on tons of clients simply from your design.  I’ll go through your entire user experience from start to finish.

Get a report of what’s working, what’s in the gap and tips to fix it.

the best things are


There are lots of ways to do almost everything.  I’ll explain the tradeoffs of each one and you pick your favorite.  Some are better for small budgets; others are best for building momentum and long-term growth.

Let’s chat about the specifics of your project and I’ll give you a more solid price.

a la carte

Mini projects:

$200 – $1,000

When you need a few small things.  Sign up for a free chat and we’ll discuss the details.


The essentials:

$1,500 – $2,500

Best for getting your idea online quickly. Landing pages outlining one product, service or topic.

even better

More features & content:

$2,500 – $5,000

Best for offering multiple services, small online stores, and medium-sized blogs.

big daddy

Many bells & whistles:

$5,000 – $15,000

Best for complex projects, stores with tons of products, online schools, or lots of add-ons that automate your business.

let's grow together

We can make your stuff even more awesome as your budget and business grow.  

how's it work?

Building something awesome is an iterative process.  Scroll though the timeline to see the typical steps we’ll take.

We discuss your goals, what you want to create, what you already have and your budget. I give you some options. We decide if we want to work together.
We agree on a price range. You pay half of the estimated total budget upfront. The remaining half is due at the end or by milestones.
I assign you some fun homework. Go find examples of things that inspire you. Websites, images, etc. That way I get a sense of your style and desires.
I'll come up with a few concepts based on your needs. We chat about which parts you like and what to scrap. I take your feedback and make edits.
We nail down the big picture elements like content, flow of information and things people will click on. We play around with the details until we are both happy.
This is where we fine tune everything so it's exactly to your liking. Your stuff will look polished, pretty and professional when we go live.
Often times people like to add new stuff here. If it's possible within your original budget, I do it. If not, I'll tell you how much extra it will cost.
Most clients come back again and again as their budget grows and their ideas evolve. I'm available for long-term support when you want to add more bells and whistles.